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An autochrome photograph of Julia M. Rockwell's house and garden, taken from the northeast. Julia and her husband, Bertrand Rockwell, were Kansas City pioneers, as well as the parents of architect Mary Rockwell Hook.

An autochrome photograph of a Japanese maple tree in the afternoon in the front yard of Neil G. Lilley, Chairman, Kansas City Structural Steel Company.

An autochrome photograph of Dr. Don Carlos Guffey's house, taken from the southeast. Guffey was a Kansas City physician.

An autochrome photograph of Lee E. Clark's daughters, Julia and Janet, playing with tulips on their property. This photograph was taken from the north, looking south. Clark was manager of Kansas City Laboratory Supply Company.

An autochrome photograph of the front arches of Ernest C. Winters's residence, taken from the southeast. Winters was founder of the Winters Securities Company.

An autochrome photograph of tulips, iris and spirea flowers by Herman Schulte's driveway. Schulte was a manager at the Goetz Beer Company. This vantage point faces southwest with the house at 7311 Ward Parkway in the background.

An autochrome photograph of Thomas L. Luzier's swimming pool, taken from the west. Luzier was founder of Luzier Personalized Cosmetics.

An autochrome photograph of Hazel B. Healey standing amongst her polyantha roses. Her husband, Michael J. Healey, was vice-president and general manager of John Deere Plow Company.

An autochrome photograph of women sitting by a fountain in the Country Club Plaza. She is dressed in a sombrero and other appropriately-themed clothing for the Country Club Plaza Fiesta.

An autochrome photograph of Leslie T. Martin's house and tower on Briarcliff between present-day Route 9 and North Briarcliff Road. Martin was president of Martin Printing Company.

An autochrome photograph of Lester T. Sunderlands's residence, taken from the southeast. Sunderland was Chairman of the Ash Grove Lime & Portland Cement Company.

An autochrome photograph of Dan W. Moser's residence, taken from the northwest. Moser was president of the Western Finance Company.