Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library

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An autochrome photograph of Bechtel's crabapple trees in front of Ellison A. Neel's residence, taken looking south. Neel was a Kansas City lawyer.

An autochrome photograph of Dr. Don Carlos Guffey's house, taken from the southeast. Guffey was a Kansas City physician.

A color glass plate positive photograph of Ada B. Seibel standing next to regal lilies at her and Louis L. Seibel's residence. Seibel was president of Badger Lumber Company.

An autochrome photograph of Lee E. Clark's daughters, Julia and Janet, playing with tulips on their property. This photograph was taken from the north, looking south. Clark was manager of Kansas City Laboratory Supply Company.

An autochrome photograph of Lowell P. Fillmore and his wife Alice Lee Fillmore with their neice Frances Fillmore at their home at Unity Farm (Unity Village).

An autochrome photograph of R. E. Parsons's residence, taken from the northeast with roses next the garage entrance. Parsons was head of the R.E. Parsons Electric Co.

An autochrome photograph of Brush Creek before it feeds into Lake Hiwassee.

An autochrome photograph of Hazel B. Healey standing amongst her polyantha roses. Her husband, Michael J. Healey, was vice-president and general manager of John Deere Plow Company.

An autochrome photograph of four people dressed up for the Country Club Plaza Fiesta. They are standing at the entrance to the Balcony Building in the Country Club Plaza. This vantage point faces north-northwest towards the east entrance to the building.

An autochrome photograph of the Verona Columns in the evening. This vantage point faces south from just south of the intersection of Ensley Lane, Overhill Road, and Mission Drive.

An autochrome photograph of Margaret Ryan standing next to climbing roses at Romanelli Court (intersection of Wornall Road, 69th Street, and Edgevale Road). This vantage point faces north-northwest with the house at 424 West 69th Street in the center background.

An autochrome photograph of Allen Logan's residence, taken from the northwest. Logan was the founder of Logan Brothers Grain Company.