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From Guy Park to Joseph Morton

Response letter from Governor Guy Park to Joseph Morton assuring him that the Kansas City Election Board is properly handling voter rolls. He also accuses the Kansas City Star of "political animus."

From Guy Park to H. V. Shirts

Letter from Governor Guy Park to H. V. Shirts, downplaying the Kansas City Star's recent allegations of election fraud. He indicates that the paper is biased toward Republicans.

From Grover Childers to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Grover Childers to Governor Lloyd C. Stark reporting on current activities of the Pendergast machine, and opinions about Stark's efforts to clean up the police department. Childers also reports that President Roosevelt "is not in sympathy with political machines that defeat the public in elections."

From Granville A. Richart to Sam M. Wear

Letter from Granville A. Richart to Sam M. Wear in which Richart thanks Wear for Wear's letter of congratulations regarding Richart's nomination. He comments that, "my candidacy was opposed by the political prostitutes, gamblers, the city administration and the Kansas City Star."

From Frank Hilmes to Jesse Barrett

Letter from Frank Hilmes to Jesse Barrett, candidate for Missouri governor, advising him to seek a meeting with Roy Roberts of the Kansas City Star.

From Francis Wilson to William Igoe

Letter from Democratic candidate for Missouri governor Francis Wilson in which he discusses the health of former senator James A. Reed, his own health struggles, his campaign headquarters in Platte City and his opponent in the primary, Russel Dearmont.

From Ewing Young Mittchell, Jr. to Bernarr MacFadden

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to James A. Farley on March 20, 1934. Mitchell discusses C. W. Greenwade's appointment for postmaster at Springfield, Missouri as well as the upcoming election in Kansas City, Missouri.

From Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Homer S. Cummings

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Homer S. Cummings in which Mitchell provides a detailed account of Kansas City politics and voter suppression. He urges Cummings to travel to Kansas City to support candidates that oppose the Pendergast machine.

From Ernest O. Boone to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Ernest O. Boone to Lloyd C. Stark reporting that the statewide Negro Democratic Convention voted to endorse Stark's candidacy for governor.

From Ellison A. Neel to I. N. Watson and Herman Langworthy

Letter from Ellison A. Neel to Mr. I. N. Watson and Mr. Herman Langworthy with strategy suggestions for a 1938 election. Among his suggestions are organized responses to opponents' statements and positions, having the Kansas City Star compile relevant editorial cartoons on one page so they can easily be passed around, and to convince prominent citizens to sign a particular statement.

From Charles A. Leedy to Lloyd Stark

Letter from Charles Leedy to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, providing his assessment of the campaign in various counties.

From Anonymous to Lloyd C. Stark

Anonymous letter complaining about the potential appointment of C. K. Burroughs to be the Business Manager of the Jackson County Home for the Aged.