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Aerial view of the Country Club Plaza

An aerial view of the Country Club Plaza in 1930, looking north from the top of the Wornall Road hill. The Walnut Apartments complex is in the foreground.

Aerial view of the Country Club Plaza

An aerial view of the Country Club Plaza in 1925, looking north-northwest near Brookside Boulevard and 51st Street.

Aerial view of the Country Club Plaza

This aerial photograph of the Country Club Plaza was taken near Oak Street just south of 47th Street (now Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard). Chandler's Nursery in the foreground with Sinclair Filling Station across the street to the North; the White Rose Filling Station to the west; Brush Creek to the south; the Standard Oil Filling Station at the corner of Wornall Road and Mill Creek Parkway.

43rd Street West from Main

Photograph with caption, "looking west along 43rd St. from Baltimore Avenue where Brookside Extension and the proposed 43rd Street Viaduct will meet the grade of Baltimore Avenue north." The photograph's annotations label streets and show proposed road improvements.

1920 Map of a Scenic Route through the Country Club District

Street map of a "Scenic Route Through the Country Club District: America's Most Beautiful Residential Section, 2000 Acres Restricted." The scenic route is indicated in red; specific directions are at bottom of map. Map shows Kansas City Country Club, Mission Hills Country Club, and names of neighborhoods. Printed at the top: "Put this in the pocket of your automobile for use the next time you are pleasure driving."

1918 Precinct Map, 4th Ward

Map showing the boundaries of precincts as defined in 1918 for the fourth ward of Kansas City, Missouri. This ward is bounded by 39th Street to the north, Kansas to the west, south city limits to the south, and Campbell Street and Troost Avenue to the east.

1917 Map of the Country Club District

Map of "The Country Club District including Sunset Hill, Mission Hills, Hampstead Gardens, Wornall Manor, Greenway Fields, '1,500 Acres Restricted', Planned, Developed and Offered Exclusively by J. C. Nichols." This street map shows property owners of larger estates and includes an inset map with relative location in Kansas City.