The Black Archives of Mid-America

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Photograph of the W. W. Yates School, known before 1918 as Lincoln School (right) and Lincoln High School (left). Once located at the northwest corner of Campbell Street and 11th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces northwest from the intersection of 11th and Campbell.

This photograph was taken looking west on 15th Street (now Truman Road) just east of Garfield Avenue.

Photograph of the former residence of the deceased Professor Riel William Foster, once located at 1215 The Paseo, Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces east on The Paseo between 12th Street and 13th Street. Foster was the principal of the Douglass School from 1886-1912 and then the Wendell Phillips School until his death in 1916.

Photograph of the members of the Over the Top Club, part of the congregation of the Vine Street Baptist Church. This photograph was taken by Williams Photo Studio, Kansas City, Missouri, sometime before 1931 when the church moved to 2501 The Paseo and was renamed Paseo Baptist Church.

This photograph of the Southeast Side Business District was taken looking southeast from the intersection of Prospect Avenue and 18th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Pictured are four Merritt Outdoor Advertising Company billboards. 18th & Prospect Drugstore and stores located on two of the other corners.

Reproduction of a photograph of saxophonist Earl Malcolm "Jock" Caruthers, Sr. (1910-1971). Caruthers played extensively in St. Louis and Kansas City throughout his life.

This photograph of St. Vincent de Paul Academy was taken looking northwest on Flora Avenue just south of 31st Street. This building is adjacent to the St. Vincent de Paul Church.

This photograph was taken looking south-southeast on Virgina Avenue facing towards an advertisement for Benzo-Gas at 1325 East 8th Street.

Street photograph of the Wheatley-Provident Hospital Dedication Parade at the intersection of 18th Street and The Paseo on September 29, 1918. This vantage point faces east-southeast on 18th Street from just west of The Paseo.

This photograph was taken looking east on 8th Street just east of Flora Avenue.

Front and back cover of the April 22, 1930 program for the Thirteenth Annual Fashion Show at Convention Hall under the auspices of Wheatley-Provident Hospital Auxiliary No. 1. These excerpts include advertisements for The Bahr Furniture Company and the Turner-Evans School of Flying.

Chauncey Downs and five unidentified women behind a microphone with instrumentalists in the background.