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Roesland School Orchestra

Photograph of the Roesland School student orchestra on the school stage circa 1935. Approximately 30 students sit in folding chairs arranged in a semi-circle, holding their instruments. Their teacher, and several other students, stand at rear. The stage features an ornately painted backdrop, and a piano stands on the ground in front of the stage.

Road in Countryside

Photograph of a road under construction in the Countryside area, later Mission, Kansas, circa 1940. The road, likely Shawnee Mission Parkway, is surrounded by trees and bare soil, and has two metal trash cans standing next to paved areas. The road rises up an include to the left toward the background of the image. A label included with the photograph indicates the picture was taken near Shawnee Mission Parkway and Nall Avenue.

Richard Rieder Standing Near Chicken Coops

Photograph of Richard Rieder standing between two outdoor chicken coops in 1940 or 1941. Rieder, a participant in the Future Farmers of America program, is wearing a light shirt and darker pants, near the wood and chickenwire coops and a few loose young chickens. This photograph was part of the 1940-1941 Future Farmers of America "Supervised Practice" scrapbook.

Rev. Charles Stanton

Photograph of Merriam Christian Church minister Reverend Charles Stanton standing in front of the Sharrum residence, circa 1918. The young man, dressed in a dark suit, stands near a house featuring wood siding, a stone porch, and a porch swing. 

Railroad Scene

Photograph of activity centered on railroad tracks, circa 1920s. A train is in operation at the background of the image, with tracks running to the foreground. Men stand on either side of the tracks, alongside large tanks on the left and train wheels on the right. 

Postal Carrier Cornelius Jackson

Photograph of postal carrier Cornelius Jackson in the 1920s. Jackson, a former slave, transported mail by horse cart between Merriam and the Shawnee Mission Post Office. He is photographed sitting in his cart, drawn by a white horse, in front of a stone restaurant building. 

Porter Dairy Farm

Photograph of the Porter Dairy Farm near 91st and Antioch in Overland Park, Kansas, in the early 1900s. Barns, silos, and other farm buildings are visible in the middle of the image, surrounded by pastureland. 

Porter Dairy Farm

Photograph of a dairy barn and house on the Porter Dairy Farm near Tomahawk and Mission Roads in Prairie Village, Kansas, circa 1915. A tilled field surrounded by wire fence is visible in the foreground of the image. 

Philip Reinhardt House

Photograph of the Philip Reinhardt house at 5637 Cherokee Circle on a snowy winter day circa 1930. The two-story Victorian wood house features a wrap-around front porch was built by Reinhardt, who immigrated to the United States from Germany circa 1850. The original address of the home was 5637 Mission Road.

Perry Cross Home

Photograph of the Perry Cross home, located at 4806 Highway 50, near the Shawnee Indian Mission area circa 1925.

Pembroke Lane, Mission Hills

Postcard of view along Pembroke Lane in Mission Hills, Kansas, circa 1920. Looking southeast along Pembroke Lane from the front yard of 5620 Pembroke Lane, the postcard depicts a small stone bridge allowing a driveway to cross over a drainage area, flower beds, and trees. The house located at 5625 Pembroke lane is visible on the left side of the image.

Patrons Fire and Tornado Association

Photograph of the Patrons Fire & Tornado Association building at 125 South Cherry Street in Olathe, circa 1940. The stone building features an arched roof line bearing the name of the company, and the year 1912, marking its construction, is marked under the arch. Two men, identified as inspectors B. M. Ottaway and Floyd B. Reynolds, stand in front of the building next to two parked vehicles. The vehicles have ladders mounted on their roofs and have "Patrons Insurance Olathe, Kansas" and "Loss Prevention Service 'For Grangers'" painted on their sides.