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Letter from Mr. Shackelford to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing support for Supreme Court candidate James Douglas in the counties of southwest Missouri, and the lack of of an existing organization in that area to support their candidates.

Letter from C. M. Reid to Tom Pendergast, introducing and endorsing Mildred Liles Walters for a political appointment. The letter was forwarded to the governor with a note from Pendergast handwritten at the bottom.

Letter from Charles W. Dickey to Lloyd C. Stark, noting that Stark is well regarded for not soliciting the Pendergast endorsement as much as other candidates, but that having that endorsement would likely ensure him the nomination. He also writes that Stark has support in Wright and Texas counties.

Letter from Roy Glidewell asking governor Stark to acknowledge his previous letter and indicate a timeline for appointing a vacant judgeship.

Letter from Missouri Governor Guy Park to Harry S. Truman, congratulating him on his successful senatorial campaign.

Letter from Martha Murphy to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark pledging her support for his campaign.

Letter from William M. Ledbetter to Lloyd C. Stark discussing coverage of Stark's candidacy in the Louisiana Press-Journal and his support by Pendergast and Bennett Clark.

Letter from Missouri Governor Guy Park to James M. Pendergast, asking him to investigate the political affiliations of State Highway employees.

Letter from Lloyd Stark to Joseph L. McLemore thanking him for his recent letter.

Leaflet promoting Fred Whitten as the Coalition candidate for Kansas City mayor.

Letter from Marie Plummer to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on January 20, 1937. In the matter of Plummer's attempts at reinstatement of her clerical position at the Kansas City Court of Appeals, Plummer wishes that Mitchell would have instructed Ewing C. Bland to speak with James P. Aylward on Bland's own behalf.

Letter from Jack Stapleton to Lloyd Stark referencing Harry Truman's attitudes toward the Stark gubernatorial candidacy.