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Letter from Herbert Welch to Guy B. Park requesting Park's and Tom Pendergast's assistance in finding steady work.

Letter signed A.W.S. to Governor Lloyd C. Stark prior to his election as Missouri governor, identifying the writer as "a friend of Pendergast in K.C."

Letter from Robert W. Tomlinson of St. Joseph, Missouri to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, thanking him for the work he's done against the Pendergast Machine and encouraging him to continue, as well as requesting that Attorney General Roy McKittrick investgate corruption with the WPA program in St. Joseph.

Letter from Congressman Clarence Cannon to Lloyd C. Stark, congratulating him on his support from Pendergast and Dickmann in St. Louis, as well as being uncontested in the Democratic primary.

Telegram from Lue C. Lozier to his father Ralph F. Lozier. Lue informs Ralph that Harry S. Truman will become a candidate for U.S. Senate now that James P. Aylward renounced his intention to run. He says that Truman's alliances are unknown.

Telegram from the Community Party of Kansas City to Governor Guy Park noting interference and assault by the Kansas City Police Department while the party was distributing campaign literature.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Bernarr MacFadden on March 16, 1934. After learning that MacFadden may not be able to accomplish what Mitchell requested, Mitchell continues to stress the importance of exposing the voter fraud and suppression in Kansas City.

Letter frin T. W. Griffith to Missouri candidate for Governor, Lloyd Stark offering his assistance in securing the votes of miners across Missouri.

Letter from Arthur Foster, secretary of the Out-State Negro Democratic Club, to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark referring to an enclosed campaign contribution.

Anonymous letter to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing ongoing corruption during elections, and making other accusations of misdeeds in Kansas City. The writer signs off anonymously, saying "am not signing my name for I rather live a while longer and you could have a leak in your office."

Brief note from Lloyd Stark indicating that he has enclosed a letter regarding her brother's circumstances.

Letter from Chas. W. Dickey to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing the influence of the Pendergast machine in Greene County, and lauding his work in cleaning up state politics.