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Letter from J. B. Crow to Governor Lloyd C.

Brief, anonymous letter to Lloyd stark complaining about the Pendergast affiliation of cream inspectors.

Program and menu for the 38th Annual Lincoln Day Banquet, held at the President Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri on February 13, 1937.

Letter from William Hirth to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing the prospect of Colonel Whitten as U.S. District Attorney and the candidacy of Maurice Milligan for Senate. Hirth writes that Whitten "is not only a man of outstanding ability, ...

Letter from J. J. Smith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark. Smith warns that if a man named H. V. Sewell has recently written to pledge support for Judge James Douglas, Stark should be suspicious as Smith knows that Sewell has recently written to Pendergast pledging loyalty to his side.

Letter from F. X. Teasdale to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark updating him on the status of his advocacy across Missouri on his behalf.

Letter from Dr. J. P. Alle to Guy B. Park regarding a desired appointment as a physical at the Boonville Reformatory.

Letter from Chas. W. Dickey to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing the influence of the Pendergast machine and Kansas City politics through the state, and thanking him for his work to clean up government. Dickey writes that Stark's work "presages ...

Letter from Curtis M. Gott to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing his recent endorsement by Tom Pendergast.

Letter from William Hirth to Ralph F. Lozier. Hirth speculates that if James P. Aylward enters the U.S. Senatorial race, Hulen will not announce and Aylward would have the support of the Kansas City and St. Louis Democratic Organizations.

Letter from J. O. L. Goggin to Lloyd C. Stark offering to engrave plates for printing for Stark's campaign at no cost.

Letter to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark advocating for a program to put juveniles to work on construction projects to offset delinquency.