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Letter from Missouri candidate for governor Francis Wilson to J. D. Hawkins of Webb City, asserting that his opponent, Russell Dearmont would not be successful due to his criticism of the Pendergast Machine of Kansas City.

Letter from F. X. Teasdale in which he asks Lloyd Stark for a position in his administration after the election, and emphasizes his need due to his disabled wife.

Letter from Mrs. A. P. Wolf to Lloyd C. Stark, concerned about Stark's statements on state pensions. She alleges that the pensions are benefitting Pendergast allies rather than the people they were intended to help.

Letter from S. A. Killian to Joe Kenton describing his activities on behalf of Harry Truman's senatorial campaign.

In this letter, Watts asserts his position that Tom Pendergast was compelled to support Lloyd Stark's candidacy for Governor by the success of the campaign. He also inquires if Stark is a Mason. He concludes by urging Stark not to take his opponent lightly and to avoid overconfidence.

Letter from Ashton Keith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter from F. A. Frock to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing election fraud and interference by the Pendergast machine in Norborne, Missouri. Frock describes himself as "a Democrat but not a new dealer as I do not believe in a master and if you dont like it you can go to some foreign country."

Letter from Guy Park to Tom Pendergast inquiring about his earlier request to have him check the political affiliations of State Highway Department employees.

Letter from Clarence Cannon updating Lloyd Stark on his interactions regarding his candidacy for governor. He reports that Duke Shoop from the Kansas City Star "said that no man from either Kansas City or St. Louis could be elected ... the next Governor would come from the country."

Letter from Walker C. Johnson to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, expressing happiness at James Douglas winning the Missouri Supreme Court election, but describing further corruption to be eliminated in his county and WPA.

Letter from Dr. W. L. Brandon to Governor Lloyd C.

Letter from Marie Plummer to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on February 2, 1937. Plummer reports that a friend, Clif Langsdale, was able to extend her employment as deputy clerk at the Kansas City Court of Appeals potentially until August 1, 1937.