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Political publication in the form of a "sample ballot" indicating that a vote for Jesse Barrett was a vote against Pendergast influence in Missouri.

Letter from Jim Hurst to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, updating him on Pendergast machine activities throughout the state. He reports that Tom Pendergast likes Stark very much and want to deliver Kansas City for him in the election.

Letter from Malcolm D. Grimes to Jesse Barrett urging him to run again for Governor of Missouri "now that Gov. Stark has about finished off 'Uncle Tom.'"

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier to Clarence Cannon of Elsberry, Missouri. Lozier relates his political discussions with Thomas J. Pendergast, commenting on who might be adequate candidates for the following election.

Letter from Mrs. Liona McCormick to Governor Lloyd C.

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Lloyd C. Stark indicating that he supports Stark's campaign for governor and making suggestions for campaign staff and equipment. He suggests "it would be a good plan to discuss the whole situation iwth Jim Aylward and Jim Pendergast, and abide by the conclusion that the three of you come to."

Letter of introduction for Richard Jones, from Henry Dillingham to Governor Guy Park of Missouri.

Letter from Chas. P. Johnson to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing voter registration, Stark's proposed investigation into the Public Works Administration, clean elections, and the support he is organizing for Judge James Douglas. He is particularly concerned about the lack of rigor in cleaning up voter registrations in St.

Letter from G. H Foree to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on June 14, 1934. Foree speculates how the current field of U.S. Senate candidates for Missouri formed and who will win at election. He comments, "This coming primary is not one in which the choice of Democracy will win- it will be Boss manipulated."

Resolution passed by "a body of Republicans and other patriotic citizens" repudiating First Ward Committeeman Ray Horton "because of his many acts in aiding and abetting the Lazia-McElroy-Pendergast machine," voter fraud, and demanding that Governor Guy Park take steps to clean up the Board of Election Commissioners in Kansas

Letter from Jim Huron to Governor Lloyd C. Stark prior to his election as Missouri governor, recommending rest before the upcoming strenuous gubernatorial campaign, and predicting a political career leading to bigger things than governor.

Letter from Governor Guy Park to Tom Pendergast, in reply to Pendergast's request the governor block the bill reducing Jackson County circuit court judges' salaries. Park says the bill was approved and had received no objections prior to Pendergast's telegram, which came too late.