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Anonymous letter to Gov. Stark complaining about the operation of illegal nightclubs and gambling in Independence.

Letter dictated for a telegram from Governor Lloyd C. Stark to Colonel Otto P. Higgins, Kansas City Director of Police, regarding the requests he has received for National Guard protection for the upcoming election, and asking for his opinion of the matter.

Letter from Charles M. Clarke to Missouri candidate for Governor Lloyd Stark informing him as to the high level of support for his candidacy in St. Louis.

Letter from Ernest O. Boone to Lloyd C. Stark discussing the need for "a better Lincoln University for the Negro Youth of the state" and information about the gubernatorial race.

Political cartoon and statement criticizing Lloyd Stark, Democratic candidate for Missouri Governor over the party's alleged theft of pension funds.

This letter provides an update to Lloyd Stark on the status of support for his gubernatorial campaign in Missouri.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James M. Pendergast regarding appointees for the tax and game commissions.

Letter from Albert K. Mitchell to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on August 27, 1940. Albert acknowledges receipt of information provided by Ewing concerning Pendergast support of Truman's senate reelection campaign. Albert also discusses U.S. Senator of New Mexico Carl Hatch and his support for the Pendergast Machine.

Letter from Ruben R. Schade to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting on the state of the Douglas-Billings Missouri Supreme court race in southeast Missouri counties, as well as other updates about regional politics.

Letter from Shaffer Lamm to Guy B. Park requesting a letter of recommendation to Tom Pendergast to aid in finding a job.

Letter from Lloyd Stark to Jack Stapleton, editor of 'The Stanberry Headlight.' He indicates his desire to come to St. Joseph for the Northwest Missouri Press Association meeting but wants Stapleton not to mention the possibility of his being there.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Hon. Jerome Walsh on May 11, 1932. Mitchell inquires what intention Thomas J. Pendergast and James A. Reed might have during their trip to Chicago.