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Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Westbrook Pegler, newspaper columnist, on September 13, 1940. Mitchell informs Pegler of Senator Carl Hatch's ties to Thomas J. Pendergast and Harry S. Truman.

Letter from Guy Peabody to Governor Park describing the corrupt practices surrounding the upcoming election on November 3, 1936, and demanding action from him.

Letter from S. P. Lidell to Lloyd C. Stark regarding William Hirth deciding to enter the governors race and Stark's potential support by Tom Pendergast. Lidell writes that he is telling friends that Stark "couldn't afford to tell Mr. Pendergast that you wouldn't want his support."

Letter from C.M. Fleming to Governor Stark regarding county political races in and around Versailles, Missouri. Fleming identifies Pendergast-aligned state employees and recommends one for dismissal.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to George G. Vest on May 21, 1932. Vest informs Mitchell that C. W. Greenwade will tell Pendergast that he fully supports Mitchell as a candidate for Congress.

Letter and attached photograph from L. L. Hixon to Lloyd Stark, reporting on the state of Stark gubernatorial campaign in his area of Missouri. The photo depicts a group of sailors on ship wearing uniforms

Letter from E. L. Preston to Tom Pendergast, congratulating his endorsement of Lloyd Stark for governor.

Letter from I. N. Watson of Kansas City to Jesse Barrett, describing the status of federal indictments for election fraud in the District Court. He also discusses the pending appointments of new Election Board members.

Letter from D. Ralston Spalding to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, offering assistance for his campaign in Kansas City. It includes an offer to contact former students of Spalding's Commercial College.

Letter from J. H. Easley to Lloyd C. Stark discussing prospects in Stark's upcoming election. He writes that it is early in the campaign and "most of the talk is to find out who is going to be the strongest and who will [Pendergast] back."

Letter from Kansas City political boss Tom Pendergast to Missouri Governor Guy Park asking for a policy change relating to eligibility for the state physician's examination.

Letter from Ralph Holmlund to Lloyd Stark, offering the support of the Kansas City League of Young Democrats in his campaign for Governor.