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Letter from John S. Bates to Republican gubernatorial candidate Jesse Barrett describing the support for his campaign in Kansas City.

Letter congratulating Lloyd Stark on garnering the support of the Pendergast machine in his gubernatorial campaign.

Letter from J. T. Montgomery to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing machine candidates in an upcoming election. He writes, "If I were in your place, I would tell these gentlemen that their ticket was not a Democratic ticket, but was a machine ticket in order to get control again of Kansas City, and rob its people."

Letter from Ray B. Horton to Guy Park discussing Republican members of the Jackson County Election Board.

Letter from Ruby Henshaw describing the results of the recent elections in Kansas City, remarking that Tom Pendergast and his affiliates were victorious. She also comments on the poor state of economic affairs in Kansas City, and also provides some personal updates and business suggestions for Stark's nursery & orchard operation.

Letter from Haywood Scott to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing the relevance of the 1920s history of Democrats and Republicans crossing party lines in Missouri electoral politics, and in particular the 1922 primary election.

Letter from James H. White to Lloyd C. Stark, in which Stark asks if he might make speeches in support of Judge James Douglas' campaign for Missouri Supreme Court and offers information about the campaign support with Kansas City Democrats.

Letter from Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. to Joseph C. Fennelly of Cook Paint and Varnish Co., on August 28, 1904, regarding Pendergast contracting companies and available work in Central America.

Response letter from Governor Park re-emphasizing that the authorities will investigate election fraud allegations is proven to be warranted.

Telegram from Lloyd C. Stark to James M. Pendergast about being in Kansas City the next day and hoping to meet with him and Jim Aylward.

Anonymous letter to Governor Stark congratulating him on efforts to remove Matt Murray from oversight of the state W.P.A. The author also alerts the Governor to another potential scandal involving a W. P. A. construction project in Kansas City.

Letter from Barney E. Reilly to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on May 13, 1932. Reilly discusses Franklin D. Roosevelt's primary campaign as it relates to Kansas City and northwestern Missouri politics.