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Letter from Sam Hargus to U. A. McBride recommending that James Pendergast should meet with Governor Guy Park.

Letter from a former timekeeper on a Missouri WPA project, describing the corruption in place regarding the awarding of jobs. Gov. Lloyd Stark is CC-ed on the letter.

Letter from W. W. Filkin to Edgar Shook suggesting that police protection at elections "has been nil in the past" and that National Guard forces might be in order to prevent voter intimidation. He reports that when he served as an election judge, he was "cursed" and "threatened."

Letter from Jack Stapleton to Lloyd Stark referencing Harry Truman's attitudes toward the Stark gubernatorial candidacy.

Letter from Emmett Fisher to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. regarding Mitchell as a target of the "machine" in Kansas City. Fisher praises Mitchell for his anti-Pendergast comments and says that people in rural Missouri are beginning to see the dangers of the Pendergast machine.

Letter from G. H. Foree to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on June 26, 1934. Foree reports on John J. Cochran's political meeting in St. Louis of the previous evening and on Cochran's projected polling in St. Louis.

Letter from Sheriff B. R. Williams to Lloyd C. Stark, congratulating Stark on his endorsement by Pendergast and other Kansas City Democrats.

Letter from Mrs. Nettie C. Alvey to Guy B. Park regarding election fraud and writing that she hopes he can ensure a fair election on November 8.

Resolution at the 35th Annual Convention of the Missouri State Federation of Labor to place 'Kanss City Labor News' on the "unfair list," chastising its owner, James H. Anderson for extortion and betraying the principles of organized labor.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to R. P. Spencer, thanking him for his advice and reporting that he thinks Senator Bennett Clark will be friendly to his campaign. He also mentions contacts in Howard County and Arrow Rock.

Letter from H. R, Conway to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, reporting on a campaign rally by his opponent, Jessee Barrett.

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Missouri Governor Guy Park asking for consideration of Fred Wallace for architectural work.