Stark, Lloyd C.

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List of recipients of a gift of Golden Delicious apple cider from Lloyd C. Stark's orchards.

Letter from F. H. Norris to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing his experience with WPA employement being tied to Pendergast support, as is election board membership. He reports "a man from K.C.

Letter from Missouri candidate for Governor Lloyd Stark to F. X. Teasdale expressing his satisfaction with the current state of support for his candidacy.

Letter from Robert W. Tomlinson of St. Joseph, Missouri to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, thanking him for the work he's done against the Pendergast Machine and encouraging him to continue, as well as requesting that Attorney General Roy McKittrick investgate corruption with the WPA program in St. Joseph.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Jimmy Hurst discussing the state of their orchards and making an invitation to visit his own orchard if he happens through.

Letter to Josephine Lay from gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing his recent endorsements, and noting that Roy McKittrick has been endorsed by Pendergast for Attorney General.

Unsigned letter to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, writing that Kansas City's oppression under Pendergast "is only exceeded by Hitler abroad." The letter thanks Stark for his work in cleaning up state goverment and suggests that he looks into Jackson County courts.

Letter to Orrin Shaw indicating candidate Lloyd Stark's intention to hold a labor meeting in Kansas City.

Four page article subtitled "An Appeal to the Farm men and Women of Missouri," outlining William Hirth's focus on defeating the Pendergast political machine. Hirth was a democratic candidate for Missouri Governor, ultimately defeated by Lloyd Stark.

Letter from Charles W. Dickey to Lloyd C. Stark, noting that Stark is well regarded for not soliciting the Pendergast endorsement as much as other candidates, but that having that endorsement would likely ensure him the nomination. He also writes that Stark has support in Wright and Texas counties.

Letter from John T. Harding to L. H. Forman, discussing anti-Clark/Douglas circulars being "thrown into the river" in St. Louis.

Letter from Frank K. Ashby to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Stark (and Judge James Douglas) do not have the support of a Pendergast-allied group in his county.