Stark, Lloyd C.

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Letter from C. M. Kackley to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, writing that it has only been a few years since "many poor devil and women have been consigned to the cold gray walls of prison for doing ...

Letter from J. B. O'Day to Governor Lloyd C. Stark.

Letter from Manny Schupan to Lloyd C. Stark writing with news of Joseph Werby's heart attack and offering his own assistance during Werby's recovery and in support of Stark's campaign.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Arthur F. Smith, thanking Smith for his support for his campaign.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to A. Reed Wilson, thanking Wilson for his assistance and requesting the names of "loyal friends" so he may write to them, "especially those who occupy strategic positions and are influential Democrats."

Letter from Frank Monroe to Lloyd Stark discussing the potential of Stark's candidacy for Missouri Governor.

Letter from Effie Estes to Katherine Stark providing an update on her life circumstances and congratulating her for her husband's candidacy for governor of Missouri.

Letter signed "The Swab" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, asserting that the Pendergast machine has "dressed up drunken bums, reprobates, derelicts, hustlers" and more into electioneering and voting against Stark.

Letter from John A. Jacaty, editor of The Kirkwood Monitor, urging candidate Lloyd Stark to to distance himself from the Pendergast machine.

Letter from W. A. Berry to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing WPA graft with the Pendergast machine in Camden. He provides "a few names of the drunks gamblers and illiteratures here who have gotten positions here through Pendergast," including "W.P.A.

Letter from Walker C. Johnson to Governor Lloyd C.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to W. G. Dillon, noting that his campaign headquarters have moved from Louisiana to Jefferson City.